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Friendly, High-End IT Services for startups & small businesses

We are full LAMP stack developers with over 15 years experience working with a diverse set of technologies. Linux systems (debian & RHEL), CMS engines like Wordpress and Joomla, MVC architectures like Laravel and CodeIgniter, and many of the myriad of Javascript frameworks. Learn more below, or visit our FAQ Page

If you have a new idea you want to get off the ground, a new mobile app you want to get to market quickly, or an existing system with a problem, we can help! Contact us for a no-cost consultation today. We are creative IT problem solvers, with that "friendly small business" vibe!

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We're experts in Market Prototyping

Getting a new business idea to market can be tremendously expensive, from the cost of hiring graphic designers, an IT staff, programming and development, QA, marketing, and more. We can simplify this process by using full-stack developers and can get your product to market quickly, for a fraction of the cost. Test economic viability and start refining your business ideas in just a few months, rather than years. We have over a decade of experience in rapidly getting ideas to market!

If you're a small business or start-up looking to get your new idea to market, we want hear from you! We have the experience and expertise to quickly get new websites, web applications, or mobile apps ready to be delivered to your customers! We can deploy your new app to the Google Play and iOS store, get your product listed on the Amazon marketplace, or let us set up a custom web server to deploy the project of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more!


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Build a New, or Update an Existing, Web App

Many years ago websites were simple documents that displayed information. As time has gone on, those websites have become increasingly interactive with their users. A web application today can be anything from a simple chat program, to complex billing and tracking systems. We have over 15 years of experience working with small businesses like yourself, helping them build brand new web applications... or just renovating old ones.

When you work with our team, we are largely framework independent, meaning that we're able to work with a diverse assortment of frameworks or codebases in the LAMP stack (linux, apache/nginx, mysql/mssql/mongoDB, php/javascript). That means that if you have an existing project, we're not just going to tell you to scrap what you have and start over (a story we unfortunately hear all too often). Instead, our team will work with your project in it's current form and help add new features, new functionality, or any kinds of improvements you have in mind! We work to enhance your app, not replace it.

If you're looking to start a fresh new project on the other hand, we're happy to help. We will listen closely to your requirements and build a proof of concept to demonstrate that we're on the right track, while we work towards building a complete project that you can deploy to your customers.

Wordpress (and other CMS) Development

If you have a Wordpress website, you're in good company! Wordpress makes up almost 40% of the entire internet. Our team has the expertise to help in some of the following ways:

  • Improving UI/UX for your new or existing theme
  • Bug fixes for pages that aren't working properly, or aren't loading at all
  • Security problems, one-time or routine maintenance
  • Building custom plugins or integrations (for example, getting WooCommerce to talk to a third party web service)
  • Server maintenance and optimization

Our team has the tools and talent to get your Wordpress website running optimally. Call us today to request a free SEO performance scan and get personalized advice to help you make the most out of your website!

Ongoing Website Maintenance Services

We offer flexible flat monthly rates for ongoing website maintenance and service plans. Since every client's needs are unique, we ask that you please contact our team to get a custom quote for ongoing web services. Many of the following items are included as part of your monthly rate*

  • Linux server updates & minor service outage fixes
  • Small bug fixes or routine performance issues
  • Database profiling (monitoring)
  • Content management services (posting new website content, social media content, etc)
  • Contact us today to see how we can help you with your web needs!
*some restrictions may apply

Expand Your Web App's Functionality!

If you have a website or web app, you may hit a point where you will want your app to talk to other, third party services. You may want your app to automatically import finance data to Quickbooks, or automatically start a new job in your project management software whenever a new product is purchased. Whatever your situation is, if it's small or medium sized in scope, we can help!

If you're using a commonly used platforms like Wordpress or Joomla, you may have searched for a plugin but come up empty. Or maybe you purchased a plugin that isn't quite working the way you hoped. Building custom integrations between different third party systems is a core part of what we do! We build everything to specification, we'll get your custom API integration working seamlessly.

Business & Product Consulting

Whether you need some general advice on a project, or ongoing consulting, we have decades of expertise in getting projects off the ground, and onto market. We offer low-cost consulting fees starting at just $35 / hr! Here are some common problems we can help you with:

  • Help with deciding on a good platform to use for your project
  • Understanding when Wordpress is a good idea to use, or when it can cause more problems down the road
  • Help diagnosing or troubleshooting an issue with your project
  • If you had a website with someone else, get a second pair of eyes on the project with a new perspective.
  • Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Not sure where to start? Talk to someone who actually cares about your success! Call us today.

We're not people who just tell you to scrap everything you have and start over. That is, unfortunately, a story we hear all too often. We only ever give honest, real advice and assistance. Our goal is in the long term growth and success of your project.

Core Proficiencies: Languges & Frameworks

White Label Services!

Our white label services allow you to take on clients that you would normally be out of your wheelhouse of because your existing staff can’t get to their project within their timeframe. We get it, no one wants to turn away clients when we can help it. This allows you to effectively “upsell” your clients and jobs and use us for the difficult, technical, or gritty parts of the job such as API development, task automation, enhancing functionality, or just research and bug fixes.
I know what you’re asking yourself, “How much is this going to cost?” That’s the beauty of it. We work on a percentage basis meaning that we’re never going to ask for more than a percentage of what you’re already charging.
*Please contact us for more details!

Let's work together!

We love working with other reliable web designers, marketing companies, and developers who we can give work to as well. We’re fortunate enough to work with a few strong companies in the industry are and always looking for more trustworthy companies who we can give work to. We strongly believe in the value of relationships of mutual benefit and have found that it’s the best way of keeping all our heads above water.

Trusted by Real Business Professionals

Many of our past clients are business relationships that spanned from a new business idea, to long term support!

" Cathy is hands-down, the best programmer I’ve encountered in her field of expertise, and a genuine, highly-intelligent individual that thinks through complex challenges for unique solutions. In my nearly 30 year history, I have come across a few special “thinkers” that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed thinking through problems with; Cathy is one of those individuals- thoughtful, thinking, and trustworthy. I cannot imagine the last 10 years of our business without her.

- Jim Belfiore President/Owner

I was fortunate to work with Cathy on several projects. Besides being great technically, she took ownership of several complex, non-intuitive critical systems and not only managed to keep them running but migrated and updated them to a new tech stack...all without any disruption to production services. I'd consider myself luck to work with her again.

- Jim Adams Owner
Telemetry Finance

I have been working with Cathy for over 3 years on several different projects, and I will continue to work with her for years to come. Cathy is a very personable woman to work with who is hard working, timely, and very knowledgeable. She is excellent with systems programming and integrations. And when we do hit a snag in the road she is a great problem solver. I would highly recommend working with her, it is great to have such a friendly and intelligent ally in the industry. Her skills have been a huge asset to me.

- Sadie Sarti Owner

Cathy is a problem solver. We’ve worked with her on several website projects where her role was troubleshooting an issue our team couldn't resolve. She is responsive and transparent, and has always been able to find an effective solution to the issues we’ve had. I enthusastically recommend Cathy for any development role or project.

- Brian Kramer Owner

My company and I have been working with Cathy for many months now. I find her to be amazingly competent. She is a total expect and has been extremely responsive to our needs. She has done everything we needed and much more. I strongly recommend Cathy for all of your programming and website requirements.

- George P. Bein, Ph.D. Owner

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