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Friendly, High-End IT Services for Start-ups & Small Businesses

We are a small and effective team of developers and designers literally bursting with technical expertise! We offer plans for small businesses whatever your budget. Fixed pricing for routine IT services. White-labeled Programming Services. Rapid App Development.

Our team is made up of a group of funny and energetic people who will go out of their way to ensure YOUR success. Give us a try by filling out our fun "adventure" form that will let you control exactly how we work together. Learn about our other services and see what's right for your organization.

Full Service IT Team for Small Business

We offer everything from flat rate IT consulting services, to rapid market prototypes, to full white-label services. Take a look at our pricing and program options. We want to be your nerdy sister!

Flat-Rate Office/IT Plans

No Hassle Consulting

1 - 3 Months $0.00 / Month
  • One 30m Video Call / Month to discuss anything for your business!
  • Always friendly
  • (No sales calls)

Just Fix-It Plan

3-12 Month Terms $300 / Month
  • 8 NerdyHours Bucket
  • 1 Monthly Video Call, 20 Email Communications
  • 24 hour response time
  • Usable for any of our Routine IT Services

Remote IT Department

6+ Month Term $700 / Month
  • 24 NerdyHours Bucket
  • 1 Monthly Video Call, 5 Monthly Phone Calls, 50 Emails
  • Same Day response time
  • Weekend Support
  • Usable for any of our Routine IT Services

White-Label Services

Single Project

Contact Us for Details/Pricing
  • We act as the "IT department" of your company to handle technical requests or development work for your clients.
  • Strict CDA/NDA Professionalism
  • We do the work, your company gets the credit!

Multi-Project / Ongoing work

Contact Us for Details/Pricing
  • We act as the "IT department" of your company to handle technical requests or development work for your clients.
  • Strict CDA/NDA Professionalism
  • We do the work, your company gets the credit!
  • You earn sweet discounts with ongoing projects!!

Rapid App Development

Starter Idea

Rapid Prototypes Budget < $10,000
  • After discussions and signed agreement, we block time to work exclusively on YOUR job!
  • Rapid prototypes typically under 2 weeks to delivery time
  • Repurposing of existing software systems to new platforms (ie, web -> mobile / desktop -> web)
  • Basic implementations of new ideas as proof-of-concepts and/or MVP (market prototypes)

Big Ideas

Web and/or Mobile App Development Budget $10,000 - 25,000
  • Your project will take on multiple phases of deliverables with Agile Sprints
  • Most projects are published in 1-3 months
  • Proof of concept work, early prototypes, product for internal testing
  • Launch on Web, Google Play, and Apple App Stores

Le Grande Idea

Ongoing or Complex Programming Work Budget $25,000+
  • Let's talk!

Look at Our Nerds!

We did a one-day photo shoot in our office and these were the best photos that we had. We are programmers and developers, not photographers 😉

Catherine Lewis

Owner / Sr. Programmer

Cassondra Degga

Web & App Developer

Jacob Fox

Web / App Developer

Chelsea Gordon

Jr. Web Developer

Diego Martinez

UI/UX Designer

Sadie Martinez

Jr. Web Developer

Casual Praise

We hope someday to add your success story to this list and help us grow!

Jim Belfiore
President / Owner

Cathy is hands-down, the best programmer I've encountered in her field of expertise, and genuine, highly-intelligent individual that thinks through complex challenges for unique solutions. In my 30 year history, I've come across a few special "Thinkers" that I've thoroughly enjoyed thinking through problems with; Cathy is one of those individuals= thoughtful, thinking, and trustworthy. I cannot imagine the last 10 years of our business without her.

Jim Adams
Telemetry Finance

I was fortunate to work with Cathy on several projects. Besides being great technically, she took ownership of several complex, non-intuitive critical systems and not only managed to keep them running but migrated and updated them to a new tech stack...all without any disruption to production services. I'd consider myself luck to work with her again.

Sadie Sarti

I have been working with Cathy for over 3 years on several different projects, and I will continue to work with her for years to come. Cathy is a very personable woman to work with who is hard working, timely, and very knowledgeable. She is excellent with systems programming and integrations. And when we do hit a snag in the road she is a great problem solver. I would highly recommend working with her, it is great to have such a friendly and intelligent ally in the industry. Her skills have been a huge asset to me.

George P. Bein, Ph.D.

My company and I have been working with Cathy for many months now. I find her to be amazingly competent. She is a total expect and has been extremely responsive to our needs. She has done everything we needed and much more. I strongly recommend Cathy for all of your programming and website requirements.

Brian Kramer

Cathy is a problem solver. We’ve worked with her on several website projects where her role was troubleshooting an issue our team couldn't resolve. She is responsive and transparent, and has always been able to find an effective solution to the issues we’ve had. I enthusiastically recommend Cathy for any development role or project.

Languages & Frameworks We Work With

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Web Frameworks

Backend & Linux

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