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Why Hire Us?

High Capacity Tech Problem Solvers, Small Company & Easygoing vibes!

We believe that authenticity is sorely lacking in the modern world and we want to give our clients the sense that all hope is not yet lost. Cathy formed NerdySister, LLC in 2018 after recovering from a hiking accident. Initially, we only worked off of word-of-mouth referrals but now after gaining more business savvy, we're opening ourselves up to the wider public!

We want to be the people you can count on day or night to assist with everything from your Wordpress website to dynamic custom web and mobile apps, both new and existing. Where we excel best is the personal touch. We're a small organization so your business means the world to us. When you work with NerdySister, you will only ever have a single point of contact, you will be given full human attention (not automated "systems"), and you will be treated how you prefer. See our fun little "Adventure" questionnaire where you can customize our initial meeting!

Look at Our Nerds!

We did a one-day photo shoot in our office and these were the best photos that we had. We are programmers and developers, not photographers 😉

Catherine Lewis

Owner / Sr. Programmer

Core Competencies: Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer w/ 15 years professional experience in IT and custom software development.

Personality Type: Strong ENTJ, adaptable, energetic. Always interested in being intellectually challenged

Personal Side: Likes indie & techno music. Avid reader, skeptic, gamer, and religious history nerd

Cassondra Degga

Web & App Developer

Core Competencies: 10+ years of Mobile & Web app development. With proficiencies in Flutter, Cordova, Ionic, Typescript & Angular, PHP and associated frameworks , any many more!

Personality Type: The best one. 😉

Personal Side: I'm a huge nerd. I'm a writer, game developer, and I love spicy food.

Jacob Fox

Web / App Developer

Core Competencies: 10 years Python expert. Agile/Scrum loyalist

Personality Type: I'm a little more quiet and reserved than Cathy is lol

Personal Side: I play guitar and I am a pretty good singer/songwriter

Chelsea Gordon

Jr. Web Developer

Core Competencies: Knowledge of Shopify, Wordpress, Joomla

Personality Type: {missing}

Personal Side: I like to play Magic and Commander!

Diego Martinez

UI/UX Designer

Core Competencies: I have over 10 years experience in modern UI/UX design, wireframe layout, and approval. I primarily use Figma, Adobe Illustrator and XD.

Personality Type: {missing}

Personal Side: {missing}

Sadie Martinez

Jr. Web Developer

Core Competencies: {missing}

Personality Type: {missing}

Personal Side: {missing}