Nerdy Sister Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions apply to as well as all associated sites, links, communications, and services. or “Nerdy Sister,” is owned and operated by Cathy the Programmer LLC.
Nerdy Sister is owned and operated by Mrs. Catherine O. Lewis.
This site, as well as all aforementioned modes are the intellectual property of Nerdy Sister. Nerdy Sister is also referred to in these terms and conditions as ( “us”, “our”, “we” ).

1) Liabilities:

(a) Clients (Individuals or companies doing business with Nerdy Sister) must agree to the terms of service before work can begin. The following policies are non-negotiable. Breaking any of these terms and conditions may result in the termination of any contracts the Client in question has with us.

(b) Nerdy Sister is not liable for any changes or additional web development work our Clients might get after the scope of the contract has been fulfilled nor are we liable for any damages that may occur as a result of problems to the project where we had no involvement.

(c) Any Client or other business entity with a contract with us found to have broken their contractual duties, these terms and conditions, will be responsible for payment up to the amount of work that has been fulfilled by Nerdy Sister. Nerdy Sister retains the right to file any legal action deemed necessary to obtain unpaid amounts due at the Client’s expense.

(d) Clients who identify defects in code that Nerdy Sister has written must inform us and allow our owner or staff to investigate the matter. Upon review, if it is deemed to fall within the scope of the standing agreement, we will make any necessary corrections.

(e) Nerdy Sister will cooperate with law enforcement to the best of our ability if a crime is committed while using software we created. Clients who have been convicted of a crime involving software written by Nerdy Sister may be asked to either remove all mention of Nerdy Sister from the product OR grant the staff of Nerdy Sister access to the project to remove it ourselves within a reasonable timeframe.

(f) Nerdy Sister retains the right to withdraw from any contract where there is reasonable speculation to believe that the work being performed would be used to harm anyone or would be used as part of a scam.

(g) Nerdy Sister is not liable for work done on Client websites that Nerdy Sister did not perform ourselves. We may give our opinions or general tech advice, but it is the Client’s responsibility to use said advice as they deem necessary.

(h) Nerdy Sister guarantees the work they perform and in the case of an issue, will attempt to resolve it as soon as we are able. Upon review, if the cause is deemed to not stem from our work and is the result of other factors, we reserve the right to charge for our time.

2) Payments:

(a) The below payment policies are non-negotiable and may result in a termination of your contract.

(b) All invoices through Nerdy Sister are to be paid in full by the due date posted on the individual invoice and are sent through email.

(c) The method of payment for invoices is listed on the invoice itself. If a Client has any issues in making a payment, it is the Client’s responsibility to get in contact with Nerdy Sister before the invoice is due to avoid any additional charges ( f ).

(d) Upon completion of a project or contract and the full payment has been received for that project or contract, the Client owns the code Nerdy Sister has created that pertains to it.

(e) If a contract is broken up into multiple phases, Clients are still responsible for the amount listed on each invoice as work on the overall contract continues.

(f) A Client's failure to pay their invoice in full and on time may result in a late fee of $25.00 USD per week past the due date listed on the invoice in question.

(g) If a contract is terminated for any reason, if the Client has a credit with us, Nerdy Sister will do everything within our power to have the amount owed returned within a reasonable time period minus any banking fees incurred to make the return.

(h) Payments made to Nerdy Sister are to be paid using USD only. All payment arrangements are to be made through and accepted by the owner of Nerdy Sister.

(i) Any Client or other business entity with a contract with us found to have broken their contractual duties will be responsible for payment up to the amount of work that has been fulfilled by Nerdy Sister as well as any late fees. Nerdy Sister retains the right to file for any legal action deemed necessary to obtain unpaid amounts due at the Client in question’s expense.

(j) Any project or work Nerdy Sister has done may be held / made inaccessible by us until all debts or unsettled payments are satisfied. Afterwhich, all work paid for will be delivered in a reasonable timeframe.

3) Code of Conduct:

(a) Clients will conduct themselves in a civil manner during interactions with the staff of Nerdy Sister. This includes during in person, phone, text, or email communications, efforts to harass, threaten, bully, as well as any aggressive language or actions. This may result in the termination of that Client’s contracts with Nerdy Sister and up to, but not excluding legal action where appropriate.

(b) Nerdy Sister is an equal opportunity agent and employer. We do not discriminate by age, race, gender, sex, sexual identity, economic status, credit score, nationality, religious beliefs, or legal status. That being said, we may choose not to work with or end any existing working relationship with those who violate this clause themselves.

4) Client Rights

(a) Nerdy Sister wants their Clients to feel involved! We feel that the Client should be kept in the loop and will attempt to the best of our ability to keep you informed on the progress of your project from inception to completion.

(a-1) Nerdy Sister routinely reaches out to give our Clients project updates to ensure that they know what is happening and what to expect.

(a-2) To ensure quality and the Client’s vision, if we are unable to reach a Client after making several attempts, we may require to put their project on hold until we can reestablish contact with them.

(b) Clients of Nerdy Sister have the right to call us in order to obtain progress updates themselves at any time. We will do everything in our power to respond as soon as we are able ( 5-d ).

(c) Clients of Nerdy Sister have the right to refuse any proposal that Nerdy Sister sent to them before accepting it.

(d) Clients of Nerdy Sister have the right to cancel any contract with us at any time for any reason. Afterwhich, the Client will be billed or credited based on the amount of work performed ( 2-g, 2-i ).

(e) If a Client of Nerdy Sister has any difficulties viewing our Client Portal or requires any additional assistance, we ask that they contact us in an effort to aid them. Clients always have access to current and past quotes and invoices.

5) Policies:

(a) Emergency Clause: In the instance of a time-sensitive emergency requiring the assistance of Nerdy Sister after regular business hours, an additional “After Hours” fee may be applied at our discretion. The cost of this additional fee may vary and will be discussed before any services are performed.

(b) Any damages that occur to a project or system that would overlap with work being done by the staff at Nerdy Sister must be reviewed by the owner of Nerdy Sister, before fault can be determined or a plan of action to resolve for any damages can occur.

(c) If an investigation is required for any reason pertaining to the contract a Client has with Nerdy Sister, the owner must be allowed to conclude the cause. Upon conclusion, the owner will work with the Client to resolve any wrong-doing if it is found that Nerdy Sister is at fault.

(d) The Staff at Nerdy Sister do our best to respond to all Client communications as soon as we are able. We respond in the order at which they were received, and as a result, a Client’s inquiry may be pushed out to the next business day. We ask that our Client’s be patient while we work to respond to them as soon as we are able.

(e) Clients must agree to the scope of a project before work can begin. If the scope of a Client’s project changes or differs in any meaningful way while work on the project is underway, Nerdy Sister reserves the right to review these changes in scope with the Client which may result in the price of the project changing.

(f) Nerdy Sister retains the right to decline a project or change in project scope for any reason. If the scope of a project is deemed to be unfeasible or falls outside our staff’s expertise, we will first attempt to compromise on a solution before terminating the contract.

6) Privacy & Safety:

(a) Nerdy Sister or those working within Nerdy Sister will never buy, sell, or trade any client data or other personal information nor will any information obtained by Nerdy Sister ever be used outside of the scope of a Client’s project.

(b) Nerdy Sister will do everything possible to ensure that your data remains safe, secure, and encrypted.

(c) As a good general guideline, if a Client of Nerdy Sister is sent an email that they are not sure of, we ask them to please feel free to contact us to verify that we did indeed send it.

(d) To limit the risk to our Clients, we ask that our Clients use a secure password when using our Client Portal. A secure password is one that is at least 8 characters long containing both upper and lowercase letters, numbers, as well as special characters. Do not share your password or use this same password for other websites or accounts.


Nerdy Sister acts in accordance with state and federal laws that apply to Las Vegas, NV. USA. Clients of Nerdy Sister, as well as project requests must adhere to state and federal laws.
Failure to adhere to these laws will result in termination of any contract(s) held and up to being reported to law enforcement.