Payment Structure

Generally, our prices are fixed, although we sometimes give discounts or reduced rates to repeat clients or if the scope of the project is done is separate phases.

We do try our best to find a solution that'll work best for everyone. Hey, we've been there. We lived through 2007 & 2020!

Currently we are able to take checks or PayPal with additional payment methods being a possibility in the future. We are more than happy to make payment plans with our clients including monthly installments or in sections per phase of your project.

Luckily, we've never had to actually charge anyone a late fee and we hope we never will! Generally, making payment arrangements with us is easy and we try to be as understanding as humanly possible. If you're getting a late fee from us, it's because you haven't returned our calls or emails after your bill has been due for a while. After that, we will charge $25.00 per week until the bill is settled.

Our Partnerships

We are lucky enough to have a great set of fellow business owners that we partner with covering a wide variety of different specialties. We work with graphic designers, media companies, marketing experts, as well as other web developers. If any part of your project requires something we don't offer, don't worry, we'll bring in the people who can.

That's great! We love working with other companies to help out with the tougher programming tasks. We even offer reduced rates for repeat business! We can help your business take on tougher challenges and bring in more business. It's win / win! Contact us for more details.

We're always looking for additional businesses to partner up with to grow a network of professionals. Having a network to draw on can be a life saver. The ability for us to give & receive quality referrals can help all of us weather any storm.


I'm glad you asked. We think it's incredibly important to empower business owners and their employees with the skills to help keep them successful. If you're a smaller business, being able to control basic functions of your website can help ease your reliance on your "web guy" and ultimately save you both time and money.

A member of our team will work with you or one of your employees in 1 on 1 private lessons. These lessons include video and screen-sharing so we can walk you through all the necessary information. We also include phone calls for any questions you may have.

Our team can help you learn a wide variety of subjects from basic Wordpress accessibility such as making new post, adding or changing items in your online store, or more advanced training like server migrations or setting up email clients.

No problem! We offer special flat-rate options for ongoing tutoring! Reach out to us and we can figure out a strategy that works for you.

New Clients & Scheduling

Of course! We always accept new clients regardless of the scope of work. With our diverse team of experts we can handle both larger projects or simple fixes to your website.

Typically, when you contact us, a team member will get back to you (generally within 24 hours) to get to know you and the project. Depending on the scope of the project, we'll set up a free consultation with the right team member for the job.
From there, they'll work with you to schedule the project.

Estamos trabajando para lograrlo. En un futuro cercano, planeamos ofrecer nuestros servicios en español. Un día planeamos hacer de "Cathy la programadora" una realidad.